Postdoctoral Fellows:

Xue-Peng Wang (Ph.D., Jilin University, China)

PhD Students:

Alex Gallegos (B.S., University of California at Riverside)

Musen Zhou (B.S., Nanjing University of Technology)

Gary (Min Chiang) Ong (B.S., National University of Singapore)

Undergraduate  Assistants:

Anthony Vassallo 

Jose Garcia-Torres 


Former Group Members

Visiting Professors/Scientists

Dr. Yurko Douda (Visiting Scientist, now at Mexican Institute of Petroleum)

Dr. Yiping Tang (Visiting Scientist, now at Honeywell Inc)

Prof. Changming Xiao (Hunan Normal University)

Prof. Hun Yong Shin (Seoul National University of Technology)

Prof.  Douglas Henderson (Brigham Young University)

Prof.  Jiqin Zhu (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

Prof.  Limin Su (Northeast Normal University)

Prof.  Qanshuang Kang (Agricultural University of Hebei)

Prof. Yanbing Zong (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Prof. Zhiyong Wang (Chongqing University of Technology)


Postdoctoral Fellows

Wenhua Jiang (Zhejiang University);

Dapeng Cao (Beijing University of Chemical Technology);

Dong Fu ( North China Electricity University);

Anil Kumar (Indian Institute of Science);

Shijun Tang (University of North Texas);

Ke Wang (University of Virginia);

Eduardo Lima (State University of Rio de Janeiro);

Dong Meng (Mississippi State University);

Shuangliang Zhao (East China University of Sci. & Technology);

Yu Liu (Sun Yat-sen University);

Pengfei Zhang (Donghua University)

Stéphane Tesson (Reservoir Engineering Research Institute)


PhD Students

Zhidong Li (PhD 2005, now at Exxon-Mobile);

Jiezhu Jin (Unfinished, now at Saint-Gobain North America);

Tao Jiang (PhD 2008, now at California Energy Commission);

Zhehui Jin (PhD 2012, now at University of Alberta);

Jia Fu (PhD 2013, now at Shanghai Assets Management);

Jehoon Kim (PhD 2013, now at Firmenich Inc.);

Shijie Sheng (PhD 2017, now at Uber);

Justin Neal (PhD 2017, now at Freeport-McMoRan);

Yun Tian (PhD 2018, now at Zhengzhou University);

Kun Liu (PhD 2019, now at Cargill)


Visiting PhD Students

Yangxin Yu (PhD 2005, now at Tsinghua University);

Diannan Lu (PhD 2006, now at Tsinghua University);

Lin Zhang (PhD 2008, now Tianjin University);

Lei Wang (PhD 2011, now at Soochow University);

Jian Jiang (PhD 2014, now at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences);

Xian Kong (PhD 2015, now at Stanford University);

Guodong Wang (PhD 2017, Nanjing Forestry University);

Yu Qiao (PhD 2017, Chinese Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science)

Gong Chen (PhD 2018, now at WuXi Biologics);

Edgar Luis Camacho Vergara (PhD 2020, DTU in Denmark)

Cheng Liang (PhD 2018, now at East China University of Science and Technology);

Xiaoyu Hu (PhD 2020, now at Tsinghua University)


MSc/MAs Students

Sathyajith Ravindran (MS 2002, now at Intel, Santa Clara);

*Chunsheng Wang (MS 2008, now at UC Riverside);

*Jipeng Li (MS 2017, now at Tsinghua University)